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Our Methods Are Firmly Rooted In Proven, Actionable Steps That Deliver Results!


Meet Your Strategic Partner
Chris Hagood

As the Chief Executive Officer of AstutEdge, Chris consistently delivers impactful, transformational strategies that identify diverse human capital needs while strategically matching those needs with proven solutions. 


Before becoming the CEO of AstutEdge, Chris served as an executive-level trusted advisor to C-suite and board members, senior leaders, and client teams. Chris' expansive vision, detailed planning, and forward-looking analysis have been responsible for millions in growth and revenue for global leaders, including Dell, Gallup, Press Ganey, Prime Chief of Staff, and PSP Metrics.


Chris has always been passionate about delivering workable solutions that generate results and ensuring that the right people are the right fit for the right work. 


Chris holds a B.S. in Business Management, an MBA, and has been a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach since 2015.

Building A Powerful Team

A small business guide to developing superstar employees.

Diversity Is Woven Into The Fabric Of Our Purpose

One reason to work alongside us is that diverse perspectives and approaches are woven directly into our methods. Every strategy we formulate to help you reach your objectives draws upon varied backgrounds and experiences to deliver an all-encompassing, inclusive plan of action.

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